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ECC Next Steps

ECC Next Steps

Next Steps to your ECC Enrollment

Thank you for registering for access to the Safe Electric ECC system!

The following are the next steps to your enrollment:

  • When you have been advised by RECI that your details are entered on the system you can log on using your Safe Electric Registration No. as User Name and Password. 
  • If you intend to use the system we advise you for security reasons to change the password to one of your own. Follow the instructions for "change password".
  • Next click on "view account" and enter the value of credits you wish to purchase and submit. The price of the completion certificates is inclusive of vat.
  • For domestic certificates there is a discount structure depending on the amount of credits you purchase. The discount range is shown.
  • You must send a cheque to Safe Electric (payable to RECI) or pay by credit card for the amount of credits ordered. Please quote the reference number shown on the screen.
  • When you have paid Safe Electric will authorise your credit facility
  • Now you can issue completion certificates. Click on "new cert" and fill up the template and submit. The certificate details are transmitted to ESB by web service straight away.
  • When the installation is connected and you have carried out the post connection tests you must then finish the completion certificate. You can then print and sign the certificate and give it to your client.
  • Details of all the completion certificates which you have issued can be viewed at any time.