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Safe Electric Complaints Procedure

Safe Electric undertakes to investigate complaints in respect of work completed by Safe Electric registered contractors with a view to identifying if remedial work is necessary and to require that the installing contractor attend to any such remedial work. The work of Safe Electric registered contractors must comply with the National Rules for Electrical Installations published by the Electro-Technical Council of Ireland. In respect of this complaints procedure Safe Electric is concerned solely with the safety and technical standard of electrical work carried out by registered contractors. Safe Electric's complaints procedure does not deal with:

  • Contractual or commercial matters of any kind, such as the price charged for work or whether correct payment has been made to the contractor for work completed.
  • Complaints about aspects of work which are not directly related to electrical safety, such as the performance of a lighting installation.
  • Complaints where subsequent action has been taken by some other contractor. In such cases, Safe Electric would be unable to firmly establish, by means of an on-site inspection, whether or not the work originally complied with the National Rules for Electrical Installations.
  • Complaints which are the subject of current or impending litigation. Safe Electric regards its complaints procedure as an alternative to litigation.
  • Non-compliance with specification requirements which fall outside the scope of the National Rules for Electrical Installations.
  • Complaints about work carried out by other than Safe Electric registered contractors.

For contractual and practical reasons the Safe Electric complaints procedure is normally only applicable to completed electrical work, not to work in progress, and to work completed less than three years from the date the complaint was first registered with Safe Electric.To enable Safe Electric to implement it's complaints procedure, the complainant must permit the registered contractor to be present at any inspection carried out by the Safe Electric Inspector and be willing to allow reasonable access for the registered contractor to carry out any necessary remedial work.

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