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Change of Contractor

Change of Contractor

Installing Contractor Not Available To Certify A New Installation

Safe Electric is an Electrical Safety Supervisory Body (ESSB) regulating electrical contractors with respect to safety on behalf of the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER).

Note: A minimum charge of €350 will apply for a Change of Contractor Inspection.

Procedure for Change of Contractor

1. Introduction

Only electrical contractors who are registered with Safe Electric (i.e. RECs) have the right to issue a Certificate. Furthermore, a REC may only issue a Certificate for Controlled Works they have carried out and /or for which they have been responsible.

This procedure is to facilitate the situation where a Customer requires a change of contractor to complete and/or certify Controlled Works, which was partially or totally carried out by a different contractor.

The situation can arise for various reasons:

-          Workload pressure on the first contractor, business difficulties, loss of staff, illness, etc.

-          A dispute where the electrical contractor refuses to complete the work or issue a Certificate thereby frustrating a connection to the network or
           the use of  the installation;

 The objective of this procedure is to enable a REC to be authorised to carry out Controlled Works, where the original contractor is unable to do so, thus ensuring that the Customer will receive a Certificate and can be connected/reconnected to the electricity distribution system if required.

Note:  For the avoidance of doubt, Safe Electric, when approving a Change of Contractor request(s), shall not take into consideration when assessing the eligibility criteria of the REC, any alleged commercial dispute(s) (which may include, by way of example, a dispute regarding payment for services rendered) between the customer and a REC as a basis for not approving a Change of Contractor request.

2. The Procedure

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After you have filled in the form below and clicked submit, you should also receive notification to your email with your message details.  If you have not received that email within 5 minutes, please contact us by phone to assist you further.

Application to Change Electricial Contractor

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Details of Original Installing Electrician/Contractor

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Details of new Contractor nominated to Test and Certify the installation

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